Offices and Services Directory

You can learn about our many offices and services by using the directory below. If you are looking for contact information for an office or department that is not listed, please contact our general information line at 651-523-2800.

For academic departments and areas of study, visit our Undergraduate Program Finder or Graduate Program Finder, and then search by program. For a list of faculty pages by program and school, visit the Directory of Faculty Pages.

Office or service area



Academic Advising 651-523-2912
Academic calendars 651-523-3000


Alumni Relations 651-523-2015
Archives 651-523-2080
Athletics 651-523-2035
Benefits 651-523-2815
Bookstore 651-523-2270
Bulletin, Academic 651-523-3000
Bush Memorial Library 651-523-2373
Campus Recreation 651-523-2929
Career Development Center 651-523-2302  
Center for Academic Success and Achievement 651-523-2912
Center for Anthropological Services 651-523-2891
Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching 651-523-2600
Center for Gender + Sexualities 651-523-2042
Center for Global Environmental Education 651-523-2480
Center for Justice and Law
Center for Teaching and Learning
Commencement 651-523-2474
Communications Office 651-523-2953
Commuter Student Resources 651-523-2165
Conference and Event Management 651-523-2474
Confidential Services Referral 651-523-2421
Counseling and Health 651-523-2204
Dean of Students 651-523-2421
Development 651-523-2200
Dining Services 651-523-2381
Disability Resources 651-523-2079
Events calendar    
Facilities 651-523-2225
Faculty Council    
Faculty Department Page Directory    
Finance 651-523-2437
Financial Aid 651-523-3000
Food Resources Center 651-523-2662
Free Store    
Global Engagement Center 651-523-2245
Graduate Admission 651-523-2900
Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity 651-523-2423
Housing and Residential Life 651-523-2061
Human Resources 651-523-2210
Inclusive Excellence 651-523-2688
Information Technology Services 651-523-2220
Institutional Advancement 651-523-2200
Institutional Effectiveness 651-523-2651
Marketing Office
McVay Youth Partnership 651-523-2071
Military Student Resource Center  651-523-2099
Oracle Newspaper
Parking 651-523-2100
Payroll 651-523-2222
Piper Xpress 651-523-2215
President's Office 651-523-2202
Provost's Office 651-523-2088
Public Safety Office 651-523-2100
Registration and Records 651-523-3000
Soeffker Gallery 651-523-2396
Sponsored Programs 651-523-2787
Student Accounts 651-523-3000
Student Activities and Leadership  651-523-2664
Student Employment 651-523-2222
Study Away and Abroad 651-523-2245
Sundin Music Hall 651-523-2197
Theatre Box Office 651-523-2905
Title IX/Sexual Violence Support and Prevention 651-523-2421
Undergraduate Admission 651-523-2207
Walker Fieldhouse 651-523-2033  
Wesley Center 651-523-2878